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Welcome to the Super Emote Tool!

The Super Emote Tool is on Git Hub!

Updates not coming fast enough? Think you can help make the tool better? Pop over to the GitHub page and contribute!

What is this thing anyways?

I used to be like you hopping around to all the different pony subs trying to find the emote I wanted to use.
So I figured why not put them all in one place? After some serious nose to the grindstone copy pasta and things of that nature
the Super Emote Toool was born!

The page for (x) is missing some emotes!

First thing to note is I try to only include emotes unique to the sub.
I do this to reduce clutter and confusion and also because a lot of people use scripts to see emotes from other subs everywhere on reddit already!
Other than that if you feel that I have genuinely missed an emote please shoot me an email!

Would you add my sub to the tool?

Shoot me an email or hit the the GitHub page and add your own using the template! Keep in mind that it should have unique emotes and be pony related.

Who is the best pony?

Why that would be Cheerilee, thanks for asking! Deal with it...

Whats New in v0.05:

  • - New Navigation Method.
  • - Send feedback to me here

Whats New in v0.04:

  • - Removed the click-ability of the emotes.
  • - When mousing over an emote it will show the code used to produce that emote.

Whats New in v0.03: